5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

See how hospitals are using webcams to keep dangerous germs out of NICUs and get a peek inside Amazon’s health care lab in our roundup of innovation stories.

NICUs embrace virtual visitation

Neonatal intensive care units house hospitals’ tiniest, most vulnerable patients. To prevent visitors from bringing in potentially dangerous germs, it’s becoming common for hospitals to outfit their NICUs with webcams. That way, parents and other family members can check in on their newest additions without putting them at risk. Kaiser Health News examines this new tech trend.

The ‘Venture Valkyrie’ behind major health care investments

For health care innovations to make an impact, they need financial support. Lisa Suennen is the lead health care investor for the corporate venture arm of General Electric, and she is a “towering figure in health care venture capital” and “one of Silicon Valley’s top gatekeepers,” STAT News reports. What she’s been interested in lately: continuous monitoring of at-risk patients, using AI for medical imaging, and telehealth for genetic counseling.

Apple to let developers access health records

After announcing the launch of Apple Health Records in April, Apple took another step this month toward allowing people to access their health records on their iPhones. The company plans to let developers create apps that use information from people’s personal health records. This means “consumers can personalize their health needs with the apps they use every day,” Apple’s COO said. Read more from mobihealthnews.

Inside Amazon’s secretive health care lab

The Grand Challenge (also known as 1492 or Amazon X) is Amazon’s research team focused on cancer research, medical records and other health care issues. CNBC takes a closer look at the mysterious branch of the tech giant.

Market research firm says AI could save billions in health care

Artificial intelligence may sound futuristic, but market research firm ABI Research says the technology could help save $52 billion in the global health care sector just in the next four years. AI-enabled predictive analytics models will drive most of those savings, according to the report. Read this Becker’s Hospital Review breakdown for more.


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5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

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Interested in ways we can make the health care system work better?