5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

This week’s reads on health care innovation cover what major companies like Apple, Facebook and Amazon have in mind for health data, and more.

Smart speakers could be listening for your sniffles

A new patent filed by Amazon signals that Alexa, the company’s smart speaker, may soon start listening for signs of illness. If the speaker hears things like coughs and sniffles, or even tones suggesting tiredness or frustration, it might recommend products — like chicken soup or cough drops. MobiHealthNews shares the details, along with the caveat that companies routinely pursue patents for ideas that never become products.

Report says traditional Medicare hinders innovative payments for seniors

Fee-for-service Medicare is in dire need of “more effective and person-centered models of payment and delivery of services,” according to a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center. FierceHealthcare covers the report and how others are working to improve care for the growing senior population.

Apple’s heart monitor may not keep the doctor away

The newest version of the Apple Watch will contain a heart monitor that can do electrocardiograms. While innovative, there are potential downsides to this technology. It could lead to false positives, sending healthy people to the doctor for no reason. Or, it could lead to false negatives, and someone who needs to go to the doctor might choose not to go. The New York Times’ Upshot blog has more.

Facebook considers sharing health data with doctors

Facebook may want to share the data it has on users’ social lives with doctors to improve health and well-being. “The primary driver of health outcomes in the United States are social and behavioral variables. Really understanding what these social determinants of health are should be our primary area of focus,” Facebook’s head of health research said at a conference, according to this CNBC report.

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Cleveland Clinic names top 10 medical innovations

A panel of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists recently named the 10 medical innovations they believe will shape health care in 2019. Alternative pain therapies, artificial intelligence and new stroke interventions topped the list. See the full list from the Cleveland Clinic.


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5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

Caring for the Whole Person to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

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Interested in ways we can make the health care system work better?