5 Things to Read on Health Care Innovation

New developments in blockchain and in treating Alzheimer’s disease patients are both covered in this week’s reads on innovation in health care.

Insurers partner up to develop blockchain network

Three health insurers recently partnered with IBM and PNC Bank to create a secure blockchain network. The network will likely focus on data accuracy. It could also give members more control over their health care data. Read more from Health Payer Intelligence.

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Personal health records may be possible

It’s not very easy for patients to get their medical records from various providers. But that may soon change, thanks to developments in patient-facing health care technologies, according to a paper in JAMA. But the author notes it’s too soon to know if personal health records will actually improve care or lower costs.

Americans hope big tech can improve health care

Most Americans think big technology firms like Amazon and Apple can increase patient satisfaction, simplify health care and improve patient access to their data, a new survey found. But Axios notes, “So far, Silicon Valley seems to be better at getting a piece of the health care system than changing it.”

Tech firms step in on Alzheimer’s treatment

Pharmaceutical companies are working toward an Alzheimer’s cure. At the same time, tech firms are stepping in to improve treatment and support caregivers. STAT News reports on solutions, like robotic cats intended to help manage isolation and using music and images in therapy to help patients recover memories.

Five points on fostering an innovative culture

“Despite the fact that innovative cultures are desirable and that most leaders claim to understand what they entail, they are hard to create and sustain,” according to a recent Harvard Business Review article. In this long-form piece, a Harvard business professor outlines five ways to make it happen.


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Interested in ways we can make the
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Interested in ways we can make the health care system work better?