Video: Supporting Wellness at Work

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas worked closely with the Texas A&M University System to tailor wellness programs that meet the diverse needs of faculty and staff across 11 campuses.

Video: A Guided Approach to Employee Health

When Ryan Blank took a health assessment at work, he knew the results wouldn’t be good. He was overweight, suffered from sleep apnea, lacked energy and struggled with high blood pressure. He didn't expect what came next. A one-on-one health coach helped Blank make lifestyle changes that turned his health around.

5 Things to Read on Improving Health

Two stories on the opioid crisis, new numbers on diabetes’ reach in the U.S. and a call for more research on drug safety for new moms are all in this week’s reads on improving health.

A Concierge Approach to Health Insurance

Most people don’t think about how health care works until they need it to work for them. A new breed of advocate may help them navigate their coverage and care.

5 Things to Read on Health Care Costs

Our roundup includes a new tracker for prescription drug prices, trends in employer health insurance costs, and why one family received an $18,000 ER bill for care that consisted of a nap and infant formula.

Video: Building a Pipeline for Innovation

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas are deploying a rotation employees as full-time fellows at MATTER, a Chicago-based incubator, where they're exchanging ideas and insights with entrepreneurs and other industry partners.

5 Things to Read on Health Care Costs

In this week’s roundup we have two takes on why Americans spend so much on health care, as well as what employers and states are trying to do to keep costs down.

Meditation Brings Sharper Focus to the Workplace

Taking a few minutes in the workday for meditation has benefits for employers and employees. Research shows it can improve workers’ health, increase productivity and reduce employers’ health care costs.

Interested in ways we can make the
health care system work better?

Interested in ways we can make the health care system work better?